Our Mission

Our mission at Guyan Valley Middle School is to challenge our students to be successful personally and professionally by building upon their educational foundation.”

Core Values and Beliefs

•About Relationships...
•We value communication and believe clarity, consistency, and timeliness lead to a positive learning climate.
•About Learning...
•We value recognition and believe that positive reinforcement generates meaningful levels of involvement and achievement for the learning community.
•About Instruction...
•We value diverse innovation and believe creativity in planning and implementation promotes student success.
•About Curriculum...
•We value rigor and relevance and believe that if students are engaged and motivated they will succeed.

Grading Policy

  • A - 90% -100%
  • B - 80% - 89%
  • C - 70% - 79%
  • D - 60% - 69%
  • F - 0 % - 59%
  • I - Incomplete