Congratulations to all Students of the Month!
Keep up the good work!


6th grade - Hayleigh Burns and Isaac Ross

7th grade - Nate Vance and Alyssa Dial

8th grade - Savannah Goddard and Jared Baker


6th grade - Lory Stevens and David Tooley

7th grade - Bailey Baker and Brady Goddard

8th grade - Tim Sanders and Lori Oiler


6th grade - Sydney Maynard and Jacob Chapman

7th grade - Adrianna Lambert and Jaden Bowen

8th grade - Zackary Byrd and McKenzie Jeffers


6th grade – Lilli Ross and Corey Tomblin

7th grade – Holly Baker and Jacob Dorsey

8th grade – Kadin Beckelheimer and Nikki Chaney


6th grade - Alicyn Ross and Kobe Vance

7th grade - Krystian Perry and Garrett Adkins

8th grade - Karrah Alberts and Caden Adkins


6th grade - Santana Parker and Will Frazier

7th grade - Shelby Brunty and Jacob Gray

8th grade - Cheyenne Long and Coy Garrettson



6th grade - Emma Dial and Chris Pesimer

7th grade - George Urling and Destany Adkins

8th grade - Jacob Loftis and Andrea Meritte